Dice Masters Campaign Boxes and Team Packs Incoming!

For 2018, WizKids has announced that it will be changing it’s popular collectible dice game from a starter set and booster pack format to a format focused on Dice Masters campaign boxes and team packs.  This is a sad day for everyone who enjoyed cracking $.99 booster packs in the hopes of getting a hot new rare or super rare card and die.  By removing the collectibility factor, WizKids is betting on a growing player base because of the lower barrier to entry.  This change also squashes the highly popular Dice Masters draft format until such a time as WizKids releases draft packs.  WizKids recently tested this with the Tomb of Annihilation draft pack but it is unclear if they will be adding new draft packs in the future.  Fingers crossed that they do.

WizKids Official Statement:

By shifting the focus of how players buy Dice Masters to non-blind product, we’re trying to lower the barrier to entry for fans who are interested in trying the game fresh or maybe exploring one of the IPs in the game they haven’t tried yet.

So what does the Dice Masters campaign boxes and team packs format mean for new and existing players?  It means equal access to the same pool of cards and dice to all Dice Masters players.  No more chasing rarity or expensive cards.  All Dice Masters campaign boxes will include the same 48 character cards, max dice for each character, and 10 basic action cards.  The Dice Masters campaign boxes will include a plastic storage tray for cards and up to 300 dice.  Dice Masters team packs, on the other hand, will include the same 24 cards and 16 dice.

Dice Masters is a fun game and the collectible dice aspect of it was a major draw for many players.  Hopefully the sealed product approach will help bolster the game’s popularity and player base.  Only time will tell.





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