Thank you to all of the players who traveled from Dallas and beyond to compete in our first ever Dice Masters team draft event.  Eighteen players were randomly placed into 6 teams of 3 players.  Each team was then randomly assigned 45 booster packs from a unique set.  The sets used during this event included Deadpool, Green Arrow and the Flash, Uncanny X-Men, World’s Finest, Justice League, and Civil War.  From the available pool of 90 cards and 90 dice, each group then built 3 unique teams to play with.  Players then battled it out in 3 rounds of swiss.  Unlike a typical Dice Masters draft where your individual record is key, it was the overall win/loss record of the team that determined the victor.  Congratulations to the GREEN team for the win!

Replays of some of the nights matches can be viewed on our Twitch stream.  Watch live every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. CST.

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