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Labyrinth of The Spawning Stone

Deep within the chaos that is Limbo, stretching beyond and back, is a labyrinth – spawned by a stone once apart of the law, now broken. The colossal labyrinth protects its creator, a mysterious stone said to be once apart of an ancient artifact fabricated by The Hyper Primus of the Mordrons. Unattended by its masters, the stone now recklessly spawns creatures of chaos. The realms of order and mayhem are unbalanced; the clash between law and chaos is nigh – we call upon the bravest of heroes to enter the labyrinth and claim the mysterious relic known only as “The Spawning Stone” from its pedestal and save this kingdom and all who share it.

Succeed and you will live as Legends throughout the land; failure, however, can bring something worse than death – mindless servitude to the stone for all eternity.

We are looking for 8 Teams to send into the labyrinth to retrieve the stone! We’ve giving away over $500 in prizes! Lunch is also included! Sign-ups are available now! For more information, just message the store! Only $125/Team to join in!

Team & Character Clarifications:

  • Each team can have up to 5 players each.
  • This Epic style tournament with be a battle royale, only one team can claim the stone and the final treasure.
  • Experienced players, 18+ are requested.
  • Starting characters should be built with fifth level and five inspirations points with no initiative combat.
  • Character classes & races may only be selected from: Player Handbook, Volo’s Guide and Xanathar’s Guide.
  • All spells will be determined by game masters
  • Any magical items will be handed out by DMs a the start of the game.
  • Abilities will be added at lvls 8, 9, 12, 13, 15 & 16; with a 2pt bump at 4.
  • Natural equipment my added at up to 2,000gp when building characters.

Limbo is going to affect following rules:

Alternative passive ability checks will be used; Active checks are ability modifier + proficiency rank + 1D20. No skills and no feats! Special perks are awarded and earned as characters level. All character classes will have relevant abilities. Thieves skills (climb walls , pickpockets and disable traps) will use proficiency modifier + Dex/Intelligence rolls. All spells that are cast will require Proficiency checks that’s Proficiency of 2 plus ability modifier +1d10 verse Difficulties levels of easy =5-9, Medium=10-14 and Hard = 15-20.

If you have additional questions, please email us here at contactus@docsgames.com


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