May 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Doc's Comics & Games
2787 Preston Road #1120
Frisco, TX 75034, Frisco
TX 75034
Doc's Comics & Games

Join our newest gaming group for a night of figures & fun!  HeroClix is a thrilling game of strategy that combines the focus of war gaming with the excitement of fandoms like DC & Marvel Comics!  Bring your own team of collectible miniatures or pick up the latest packs and booster bricks while you are here.  New players are welcome.

Organized Play Schedule:

April 23rd:  HeroClix 400 Point Modern Age Pauper

  • Entry:  $3
  • Common / uncommon / 1 rare / no Primes / Single & peanut base only / characters only
  • OP/LE prize support

April 30th:  HeroClix 400 point Golden Age

  • Entry:  $3
  • It’s your Birthday
  • Build a team based on a movie, song, or event from the year you were born
  • OP/LE prize support
  • Additional prize for best representation of theme

May 7th:  Let’s Have a Theme

  • 400 Points Golden Age
  • Name Theme Team Required, Figures only, Highlander
  • $3 Entry w/ OP/LE Prize Support

May 14th:  ROC Regional Prep

  • 300 Point Modern
  • Everything is Legal
  • $3 Entry W/ OP/LE Prize Support

May 18th :  ROC Regional

  • 300 Point Modern
  • Everything is Legal
  • $30 w/ ROC Maps, Wizkids LE’s, Dice, Objects, and Points for Entry to nationals and Worlds

May 21st:  Big Guns

  • 500 Point Golden Age
  • No Piece Under 100 Points, 1 Additional Game Element Allowed
  • $3 Entry W/ OP/LE Prize Support

May 28th:  Avengers, Black Panther and Illuminati Pre-release

  • 300 Point sealed
  • No outside game elements
  • $25 includes 2 boosters, Prize support based on attendance

HeroClix Resources:

How to play HeroClix

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