March 4, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
2787 Preston Rd #1120
Frisco, TX 75034

The Latari Elves have emerged from the Aymhelin and arrayed themselves for battle. And you can lead them into the fray—or lead the fight against them—at the upcoming Runewars Miniatures Store Championship here at Doc’s Comics & Games! Plus, expect HUGE savings on ALL THINGS RUNEWARS during the Tournament!

Entry: $10
Prizes as follows:

Top 32: Extended art Reanimates. With its bold, extended artwork, this Reanimates card draws additional attention to the threat posed by Waiqar’s merciless undead footmen.

Top 8: Set of four wooden overgrowth tokens. Extend your roots and strengthen your hold on the Aymhelin with these wooden overgrowth tokens. Each token in the set allows your Aymhelin Scions to overgrow critical terrain and turn the battle in your favor.
Top 4: Wooden range ruler. Carved from wood and decorated in the style of the Latari Elves, this custom range ruler adds extra gravitas to each volley your Deepwood Archers launch against your foes.
Top 2: Plastic Aymhelin Scion unit card. The Aymhelin Scions are as powerful as they are durable, and the full-bleed art on this plastic card ensures their power and durability are both sharply represented.
Champion: Art plaque and Regional Championship prize bye. When you battle at the edge of the Aymhelin, you’ll not only fight the Elves, but the forest itself. With its bold depiction of an Aymhelin Scion, the Store Champion art plaque serves as a vivid reminder of your victory—whether you successfully defended the forest or drove the Latari before you. And your Regional Championship prize bye allows you to carry your momentum into the next battle, entering the contest fully rested in the second round.

For more info on the Runewars Store Championships, check this out:

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