Dice Masters players from Dallas Fort-Worth and beyond will converge at Doc’s Comics & Games on Tuesday April 18, 2017 for the Pro Dice Circuit (PDC) draft series.

Entry will be $15 and will include 12 packs of Dice Masters product.

Dice Masters PDC Store Draft Championship Kit contains one Custom 2017 Draft Store Championship Play Mat, ten Double-Sided BAC Color Indicator Cards, and ten Custom 6-sided Dice. Winners get the Play Mat and 1 Free Entry to a 2017 Draft State Championship (if a player previously won a Free Entry in another event, the Free Entry is given to the next player in rank who does not have a Free Entry prize). Top 4 each get 2 BAC Color Indicators. Top 10 each get a Custom 6-sided die (if you expect more players, you can order additional dice). The remaining BAC Color Indicator Cards are for the TO and 1 for a Fellowship Prize.

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Pro Dice Circuit Draft Series

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