Secret Lair Drop Series: Bitterblossom Dreams


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Secret Lair Drop Series:  Bitterblossom Dreams.  Faeries emerge from a field of flowers, elegant and breathtaking. You are not the first to be enchanted by their beauty—nor are you the last they usher to an early grave. This drop contains one Bitterblossom and four distinct Faerie Rogue tokens, all of which form an intoxicating panorama by artist Lena Richards.


  • 1x Alt-Art Bitterblossom
  • 4x Different Alt-Art Faerie Rogue tokens

MTGO Redemption:
One (1) unique code to redeem for one (1) copy of the December 2019 Secret Lair Drop Bitterblossom card and one (1) copy of each of the four (4) Bitterblossom Dreams avatars for use in Magic Online.

MTGA Redemption:
One (1) card sleeve based on the Secret Lair Drop Bitterblossom card for use in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

*MTGO and Arena codes must be redeemed before December 31, 2020. Not available in all countries or territories. Not for resale.


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