Fantasy Flight Games has published an updated Star Wars Destiny Rules Reference.  The purpose of this FAQ is to clarify keywords and card interactions and for the first time since launch, include a section for errata cards.  Not surprising, the first card on the errata list is Hyperspace Jump.  When combined with Millennium Falcon support and Emperor’s Throne Room battlefield, players were able to play Hyperspace Jump over and over again.  This gave the ability to end the action phase at will.  With this new errata, Hyperspace Jump is no longer discarded when used.  Instead, the card moves to a new “set-aside zone”.

Updated Hyperspace Jump Text

The second errata involves the Outer Rim Smuggler character from the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion.  When combined with the Return of the Jedi event from Awakenings, the player could generate infinite resources.  The updated card text now restricts this character ability to once per round when the condition is met.

Updated Outer Rim Smuggler Text

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