Fantasy Flight Games has released X-Wing FAQ update v4.3.0 which includes some major changes to some of the tournament staple card abilities.  The four card erratas included in this update affect Manaroo, Emperor Palpatine, TIE/x7, and Zuckuss.

One of the most subtle yet significant changes involves the mighty Emperor Palpatine.  As seen below, the original card text allows Emperor Palpatine to change a friendly ships die result to any other die result.  This allowed the card owner to roll first and then decide if Palpatine’s ability was needed.

Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Emperor Palpatine Original Game Text

FFG Official

With the new card errata in place, you must now declare the use of Emperor Palpatine before dice are rolled as seen below.  How will this affect the popular Palp Aces list?  Time will tell.

Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Emperor Palpatine New Text

FFG Official

Please follow the links below for more information regarding the March 2017 X-Wing Miniatures Game FAQ Update.

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